20-21 April, 2017
Hotel Cidade de Goa (Goa)
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Summit Themes


Mining: Global and Regulatory Scenario

ü  Update on the global mining scenario

ü  Role of mining in sustainable development

ü  Indian Mining Sector: Policy Changes and Status of Ease of Doing Mining

ü  Domestic Policy Reforms: Mining, Forest, Environment and Land Acquisition

ü  Sustainability in mineral production

ü  Focus on infrastructure creation for mining industry especially evacuation of mined out 

    ore / minerals.



Sustainability in the Changed regulatory and economic scenario:

ü  Impact of Auction and series of additional levies on Sustainable Mining

ü  Competitiveness of Indian Mining Industry

ü  Application of sustainable engineering practices and best practices in exploration, 

    mining operations and mine-closure

ü  Leveraging Technology for Improved Sustainability – Slope Stability, Mine Planning, 

    Drones for Mine Monitoring, GIS & Remote Sensing for Environmental mapping

ü  Developing Skilled manpower to sustain industrial growth in mining sector

ü  Restoration of mined-out areas and waste dumps



Sustainable Development Framework

ü  Evolution of SDF and future implications

ü  Creating and sustaining an ecosystem for SDF

ü  Star Rating of Mines

ü  Utilizing DMF to ensure Post-mining Sustainability

ü  Best practices and Case Studies in operational excellence, Environment Management, 

    Health & Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility, Community development, 

    Rehabilitation and Resettlement of PAPs

ü  Rehabilitation and Resettlement of mined out areas, mine closure plans, waste 

    management etc.

ü  Addressing the macro-challenge - Climate Change: Efficient Energy use in mining, 

    Renewables, Reducing water footprint, Enabling communities to adapt to climate change

ü  Infrastructure planning for mine development. 

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