17-18 July, 2014
Cidade de Goa, Goa (India)
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General Informations for SUSTAINABLE MINING SUMMIT 2014

This is the third of the Annual Sustainable Mining Summits being organized by FIMI – Sustainable Mining Initiative. Increasing population, urbanization and industrialization in India is driving increasing demand for food, energy, water and manufactured products. There are national missions and initiatives to ensure food security, energy security, water security, etc. Energy security and manufacturing sector need increasing supply of raw materials including minerals. A thriving exploration and mining sector is essential to satisfy these demands on a long-term basis. However, current scenario in the mineral sector does not inspire any optimism. Various stakeholders, viz., miners, regulators, governments, local communities, NGOs and judiciary appear to be working at cross-purposes. While the industry feels that there are unnecessary and excessive regulatory obstacles as well as poor governance vis-à-vis the mining sector, the other stakeholders look at mining industry indulging in illegal mining, profiteering, damaging forests, wildlife and environment, without commensurate benefits flowing to the society, specially local host communities. Unfortunately, these differing perceptions have resulted in negative growth of mining which does not serve the objectives of poverty alleviation through economic development. 

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