Sustainable Mining Initiative SMI Annual Report 2016-17



Realizing the need to mainstream sustainability in the mining sector and to counter the negative perception of mining, FIMI launched Sustainable Mining Initiative (SMI) in 2009. The overarching aim of SMI is to promote the tangible and measurable concepts of sustainable mining, assist the mining sector to inculcate sustainable practices in mining operations.

SMI, in its 8 years of journey since 2009, has grown in stature (from 10 Governing Council members in 2009 to additional 16 Associate members as of now) to serve as an agent for change and continual improvement on issues relating to mining and sustainable development in India. SMI engages with all stakeholders including government, industry, communities, civil societies, academia etc. to positively influence Indian policy and regulations to promote sustainable mining.

It has been a great honor for SMI to be entrusted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to prepare the Reclamation & Rehabilitation Plans (R&R Plans) for ‘A’ and ‘B’ category mines in Karnataka in 2011. The preparation and implementation of these R&R Plans was one of the pre-requisites for re-opening of the above mining leases. The work done by SMI has been well acknowledged and appreciated by all stakeholders including the Government of India as well as the industry. SMI prepared and submitted the R&R reports of 99 A & B category leases. As per the CEC’s direction SMI has also evaluated production enhancement proposals for 37 mines.

As part of the National Committee on Sustainable Development Framework (SDF) – Roll Out Strategy, SMI played an integral role in formulating and finalizing the Star Rating Scheme for the Ministry of Mines. SMI was instrumental in designing the evaluation template, organizing Stakeholder Consultation Workshop as well as representing the industry at the committee. Presently, SMI is part of the 5-member Executive Committee constituted by Ministry of Mines to monitor the Star Rating Scheme in India.

SMI has considerably moved on the path of fulfilling its objectives and is dedicated to progress further this year.