Conference & Workshops


SMI organizes conferences and workshops around the country to promote sustainable mining. The events focus on updating stakeholders about legal requirements & compliance matters in mining projects, sustainable mining practices adopted in different parts of the world, conducting technical studies like EIA required in a mining project, foreseeing all aspects of mining & complementary activities in a comprehensive manner, stakeholders engagement processes, social and environmental issues etc. The last conference - Sustainable Mining Summit 2013 was held in Goa in April 2013.

Past Events:

Sustainable Mining Summit 2013 in Cidade de Goa (India) on April 22-23, 2013

√ Two-Days workshops on “Sustainable Mining – Beyond Compliance” ;
   • In Bengaluru (Karnataka) in April 2010
   • In Barbil (Odisha) in December 2010
   • In Hospet (Karnataka) in December 2010
   • In Cidade de Goa (Goa) in February 2011
   • In Bhubaneswar (Odisha) in March 2011

√ Two-Days workshop on “Recent Amendments to EIA Notification – 2006 Ambient Air Quality Standards
   Fly Ash Utilization Notification – 1999 and Compliance Reporting”
in Bengaluru (Karnataka) in February 2010

√ Two-Days conference on “Mining for Sustainability” in Cidade de Goa (Goa) in January 2012