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In present world of globalization, no business can achieve the desired business results without ensuring economic, social and environment sustainability. However, unlike other industries that have choice of locating their projects at any geographical location suitable to them, mining industry inevitably has to be where the minerals occur. Therefore, the challenge of following sustainability principles gets significantly magnified. This challenge gets further compounded by the fact that most of the minerals are in forest, backward and tribal areas – where economic, social and other infrastructures are conspicuous by their absence. In such settings, mining industry has to take care of many diverse and compelling issues right from conservation of biodiversity, wildlife, environment, etc.

Mining industry now is resolutely marching towards sustainable mining while performing its dual role of meeting the domestic demand of raw materials as well as of increasing its contribution in the international market. It is striving hard to acquire the capability to deliver sustainable and responsible economic growth through R&D; productivity enhancement; improved technology and conservation strategies. The voluntary CSR and community welfare initiatives undertaken by the industry along with the Health & Safety of the stakeholders is well recognized.

In order to motivate and recognize the efforts of mining industry for having addressed these multi-dimensional issues in an exemplary manner, FIMI has instituted FIMI’s Awards Scheme. There are ten awards in five categories, viz. awards of Excellence, Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety and Social Awareness which are given annually. Each award carries a trophy and a certificate.


In present world of globalization, all industries have developed the understanding that no business can achieve the desired milestones without ensuring economic, social and environment sustainability of the business, people and nature that may impact or get impacted by the business. A sound business model is only successful, in long run that realizes the interdependency between business, society and environment and thereby integrates sustainability as a key strategy in carrying out business activities. Therefore, in order to promote the culture of such diverse business models, FIMI has been giving FIMI’s Excellence Award to mining companies who are playing an exemplary role in promoting the general upliftment & social well-being of the people, a safe & healthy working environment for their employees, environmental protection, sustainability and better productivity. There is one award in this category which was instituted in FIMI Awards Scheme 2004-05 and is open for application to all categories of mines..

a. Bala Gulshan Tandon Award of Excellence
The award is designed to recognize excellence in the overall performance – economic, social, environmental and health & safety - of the applicant. In the overall scheme of assessment, dimensions which are germane to excellence such as commitment, self-evaluation, transparency, governance etc. are also given due and significant importance.


The award was instituted in 2017-18 to recognize excellence in biodiversity conservation and sustainability performance of mines. In the overall scheme of assessment, aspects such as business approach towards sustainability, integration of biodiversity with mining, risk assessment, etc. are also given due and significant importance.

a. Tata Steel Award for Sustainable Mining

The award is designed to recognize the mine’s contribution towards biodiversity conservation and sustainable mining.


Mining has a direct implication on the natural environment. Environmental compliance and management therefore play a prominent role in mining activity. In order to encourage mineral conservation, preservation of bio-diversity and maintain ecological balance around mining activity all over the country, FIMI has instituted four Environment Awards.

  1. Subh Karan Sarawagi Environment Award
  2. Abheraj Baldota Environment Award
  3. Misrilall Jain Environment Award
  4. Gem Granites Environment Award

These four awards are designed to recognize the mines which have made significant and exemplary efforts towards environmental conservation and management in mines.


FIMI believes that mere propagation of conventional corporate social responsibility is more like following others. Obtaining social license to operate is a goal that requires leadership. It is a matter of not just following best practices but of innovating to next practices. After all, brand reputation and creation of stable and conducive social environment are needs not only for trade and investment but for better standard and quality of life of all the stakeholders, specially the community around. FIMI, therefore, instituted the following two Social Awareness Awards to encourage the leaders to forge ahead and pull up the followers to do better.

  • Sita Ram Rungta Award for Social Awareness
  • NMDC Award for Social Awareness

These two awards are designed to recognize the mines adjudged to have best contributed to the general upliftment and well-being of their various stakeholders while addressing broader sustainability concern.



Health & safety of workers engaged in mining activities and communities around mines has been getting increasing attention of societies and stakeholders. To specifically attract attention and focused efforts of mining industry towards this important area, FIMI has introduced this Award since 2010-11 to recognize good efforts and initiatives made by the mining industry in taking care of health & safety of their employees and to inspire others to do the same. There are two awards in this category which are open for application to all categories of mines:

  • Rio Tinto Health & Safety Award
  • Hindustan Zinc Health & Safety Award

The ultimate objective of these Awards is to create awareness and implement strategies for improving occupational health & safety management standards so as to focus on development, management and awareness of occupational health & safety by minimizing adverse hazards and risks.



(For FIMI Awards 2019-20)



Prof. B.B. Dhar
Former Professor and Head, Mining Engg. IIT – BHU
and Former Director – CSIR-CIMFR


Mr. Uptal Saha
Director General
Directorate General of Mines Safety, Dhanbad, Jharkhand

Dr. K. Rajeshwar Rao
Addl. Secretary, Ministry of Mines AND Controller General (I/c)
Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur

Mr. Deepak Kumar Sinha
Inspector General (Forests)
Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India, Paryavaran Bhawan, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

Mr. Sharath Kumar Pallerla
Director (IA)
Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India, Paryavaran Bhawan, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003

Mr. A.N. Prasad
Former Inspector General (Forests), Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India

Dr. T.K. Joshi
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

Mr. Anindya Sinha
Project Advisor
Ministry of Coal, Government of India

Mr. N.N. Gautam
Former Advisor, MInistry of Coal,

Mr. R.N. Bhargava
Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Ecomen Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Ranjit Rath
Chairman and Managing Director
Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd.

Mr. Ashish Dash
CEO, Sustainable Mining Initiative
Member Secretary – Jury Committee


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