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The mining and mineral production interests in India were earlier represented by regional associations of mine operators and individual lease holders. In 1966, the individual mine operators and associations established an all-India federation a non-profit corporate body under the Companies Act, 1956 to promote the interests of mining, mineral processing, metal making and other mineral-based industries and to attend to the problems faced by them in lease grants, renewals, tenures, production, taxation, trade, exports, labour, etc. The Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI), which came into existence with a small membership of about 40 federating associations and individual units, is now a 350-member body. FIMI envelopes in its fold mining, mineral processing, metal making, cement and other mineral-derived industries as well as granite, stone, marble and slate industries — private, joint and public sectors — of the country. It represents the entire non-fuel mining and mineral processing activities of the nation.

FIMI, while pleading for the promotion of these industries, interfaces with government, trade and industry bodies, educational and R&D institutions etc. on — legal, tenurial, fiscal, regulatory, forests and environmental — all matters connected with the functioning of this sector on a continuing basis.

During the past 37 years of its existence, FIMI has organised a number of international/national seminars, conferences, workshops to highlight the problems, policies and perspectives of the resource (mineral) based industries.

FIMI imbued with the philosophy that individual initiative, enterprise and efforts are the foundation of a nation’s progress and are the means for the community to precipitate in a co-operative and complementary functioning, has striven for finding the common ground and consensus in all its interfacing activities with government, avoiding confrontational and conflicting facets. As a consequence, FIMI has emerged as an institution with undoubted objectivity and unsullied credibility whose views are sought by the Government of India and public institutions with confidence and faith for promoting the interests of the nation and industry — public and private sectors. FIMI is now seeking to promote for mineral, mineral derived processing and metallurgical sector, in an investor friendly environment.

Objectives/ Goals

Being essentially a promotional body, FIMI's main objective is to establish a vibrant, environmentally benign mineral industry (explorative, extractive and processing activities related to minerals) that meets the mineral needs of the nation from the existing resource endowment, import the mineral and metals that are scarce or absent, and export the surplus minerals and metals that have an external market without prejudice to domestic needs. Nevertheless, while promoting mining and mineral-based industries, through private initiative, effort and enterprise, FIMI has eschewed all sectarian, confrontational and conflict-creating approaches and is actively engaged in all its interfacing activities in pursuing a cohesive, complementary and co-operative functioning of all —labour, capital, Government — to create a wealth and prosperity generating activity for the greatest national benefit. FIMI can confidently proclaim that it has succeeded to a large extent in its efforts, as Government, mine operators and labour repose faith and confidence in the objectivity of FIMI.

Current Activities and Programmes

The current activities have resulted in making deregulation and liberalisation of mineral production and processing industry a ground reality. FIMI has found that while the Government of India has liberalised the policies, dismantled regulatory regimes, these policies are yet to percolate to the State level and to other implementing agencies. It is to be noted that while federal Government is a development facilitating and regulatory body, the Constitution of India provides that all minerals, fuels etc. are the property of individual States. Hence it is imperative that policies that emanate from Government of India should not only percolate to State level, but are also implemented in the sprit in which the pronouncements are made. Towards this end, FIMI is persuading official implementing agencies to bring out the necessary changes in procedures to avoid delays in order to harmonise the policy and practice.

Federation of Indian Mineral Industries

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