About Us
FIMI- Sustainable Mining Initiative (SMI) was established in 2009 precisely to address environmental and social issues related to mining industry and to maximize the contribution of the mining sector to the cause of sustainable development in mining regions and the country. 10 leading Indian mining companies came together to start SMI and now act as its governing council. 25 more companies later joined as Associate Members of SMI till date. Our aim is to address environmental sustainability and social responsibility issues read more...

SMI’s activities are aimed at strengthening mining sector’s environmental and social performance and enhancing its contribution to sustainable development. Such a perspective allows us to work continually on assessing, minimizing and redressing impacts while strengthening the positive contributions that we offer to society. There are many ongoing initiatives and projects. Our work is conducted with the active participation of member companies.

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Code of Conduct

The FIMI’s Code of Conduct is a voluntary commitment by the mining companies to the SMI Code of Conduct in form of 10 Sustainable Mining Principles. The code of conduct is currently optional for adoption by all FIMI members. While committing to it, FIMI members become SMI members. The adoption of these principles is expected to lead to a positive change in the sustainability performance of the mining sector thereby in society’s perceptions about the mining industry and reduce the tough stance of government, judiciary and society in general.

Members Performance Assessment