Member performance assessment

FIMI’s Code of Conduct aims to improve stakeholder perception about mining sector through a process of committing to the principles enshrined in the CoC by the Members and periodically publishing the list of Members along with progress made by the Members towards implementing these principles within their organisation. This approach of performance assessment and reporting in public domain will make it more effective in terms of completeness of implementation of SMI principles and transparency in a company’s polices and will, hopefully, lead to a positive change in society’s perception towards mining industry.

SMI recognizes that members’ sustainability related polices and standards as well as their systems and approaches to managing sustainable development issues will differ. While these guidelines highlight the need for alignment between a member company’s sustainability policies and/or standards and the FIMI’s Code of Conduct, there is no expectation that member company’s management systems will be structured specifically around the FIMI’s Code of Conduct.

Use of these Guidelines: -

These guidelines set out:

  • SMI’s requirement for member companies to provide details about their systems and approaches in alignment with 10 SMI principles to carry out desktop assessment
  • Guidance to ensure that SMI member companies implement and adopt an approach consistent with these principles.
  • Information required by SMI to carry out desktop assessment

The aim to provide member companies with the necessary guidelines is to meet SMI’s requirements and draw on best practice. These guidelines are not intended as an assurance standard and are only to guide the member companies to provide necessary information to carry our desktop assessment.

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