SMIs activities are aimed at strengthening performance and enhancing mining sector's contribution to sustainable development. Such a perspective allows us to work continually on assessing, minimizing and redressing impacts while strengthening the positive contributions that we offer to society.

There are many ongoing activities and projects, which have been developed to support the implementation of our sustainable development principles. Our work is conducted with the active participation of member companies

Hon’ble Supreme Court of India ordered closure of all iron ore mines in 3 districts of Karnataka, viz, Bellary, Chitradurga and Tumkur in July / August 2011.
SMI-FIMI always strives to positively influence the Indian Policies and Regulations to simplify laws/regulations to promote sustainable mining.
Mining industry has to deal with multiple authorities under multifarious laws within State and Central Governments and at various stages (RP, PL, ML, Renewals).
SMI undertakes environmental cum social audits for mining leases belonging to its members as well as non-members.
SMI organizes conferences and workshops around the country to promote sustainable mining. The events focus on updating stakeholders
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