SMI Audit

Sustainability Reviews and Technical Consultancy

FIMI-SMI has been assisting and advising mining companies to continually improve their sustainability performance through its Sustainability Review System. It covers 5 key aspects for a mine – compliances, economic, environmental, social and health & safety performance.

SMI’s Sustainability Review helps the mines to:

  1. Evaluate the present environmental and safety performance of the mine (both from compliance as well as sustainability perspective)
  1. Identify productivity enhancement measures and improve mine’s operational performance
  1. Review the social welfare activities undertaken for neighboring communities
  1. Help to improve performance for achieving required Star Rating
  1. Manage regulatory risks and compliance system in the mine
  1. Stay updated about regulatory changes and take preparatory action well in time
  1. Identify best practices for implementing in the mine and areas of further improvement
  1. Effectively communicate its sustainability goals to the management


SMI has a team of domain experts having hands on rich experience, knowledge and insight into the regulatory & policy framework and international sustainable mining practices.


During the year 2018-19, SMI completed 11 sustainability reviews and including previous years, SMI has cumulatively completed 87 sustainability reviews for various types of minerals. SMI has helped these mines to review their overall performance (both from compliance as well as sustainability perspective) and identify critical areas of improvement, comply with statutes and reduce long term risks. SMI also undertakes customized studies as per client requirement such as specific Health & Safety reviews, R&R review, etc.




List of Sustainability Reviews completed


S. No. Name of the Company No. of Mines
Sustainability Review
1. Ambuja Cements Ltd., Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat (Limestone) 9
2. Vedanta Limited, Goa & Karnataka (Iron ore) 5
3. Mineral Enterprises Limited, Karnataka (Iron ore) 2
4. Mahavir Trading Company, Rajasthan (Soapstone) 1
5. S N Mohanty, Odisha (Iron ore, Manganese, Bauxite) 4
6. Wolkem Industries Ltd., Rajasthan (Wollastonite) 2
7. H L Nathurmal, Goa (Iron ore) 1
8. BALCO, Chhattisgarh (Bauxite) 2
9. ACC Limited, Karnataka (Limestone) 1
10. Magnum Minerals, Goa (Iron ore) 2
11. Penguin Trading & Agencies Ltd., Odisha (Iron ore) 1
12. Rungta Group, Odisha (Iron ore, Manganese ore) 5
13. Ultratech Cement Ltd, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh (Stone quarries for aggregates) 2
14. MGM Minerals, Odisha (Iron ore) 3
15. National Enterprises Ltd. (Iron ore) 2
16. HZL – Sindesar Khurd Mine, Rajasthan (Lead & Zinc) 1
17. Golcha Associated Group, Rajasthan (Soapstone) 2
18. S N Mohanty, Odisha – Follow up Audit (Iron ore & Bauxite) 3
19. Balasore Alloys Limited, Odisha (Chromite) 1
20. NMDC Limited, Chhattisgarh (Iron Ore) 6
21. MGM Minerals, Odisha (Iron & Manganese ore) 1
22. S N Mohanty, Odisha (Iron ore, Manganese ore, Bauxite) 3
23. M G Mohanty, Odisha (Iron ore & Bauxite) 2
24. Hindalco Industries Limited (Bauxite) 2
25. Hindalco Industries Limited (Coal) 2
26. Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation, AP (Barytes) 1
27. A.P. Trivedi & Sons Pvt. Ltd, Madhya Pradesh (Manganese  ore) 1
28. Atha Group,  Odisha (Iron ore) 1
29. BALCO, Chhattisgarh (Bauxite) 2
30. Balasore Alloys Ltd., Odisha (Iron ore) 1
31. NALCO, Odisha (Bauxite) 1
32. Hindalco Industries Limited, Jharkhand (Bauxite) 4
33. BALCO, Chhattisgarh (Coal) 1
Sub-Total 77
Review of Progressive and Final Mine Closure
34. NALCO, Odisha (Bauxite) 2
Health & Safety Review
35. Karnataka State Minerals Corporation Limited (Iron ore, Chromite, Magnesite) 8
Total 87