Aravalli Hills matter in the Hon’ble Supreme Court

Support to mining industry in the Aravalli Hills matter in the Hon’ble Supreme Court

Taking cognizance of the unique ecology of Aravalli hills, heightened environmental awareness, and history of litigations and absence of a regional assessment of impacts of mining on the Aravalli, FIMI-SMI has been entrusted by the mining industry of Rajasthan to coordinate the Aravalli Hills case in the Hon’ble Supreme Court. FIMI-SMI has been supporting the industry with strategy in the case, managing stakeholder interaction, consultation with experts and Government agencies, preparing notes, etc.


To support the Court case, SMI has also prepared a comprehensive scientific study titled “Strategic Assessment & Management Plan for mining in Aravalli range of Rajasthan". The study covered 15 districts of Rajasthan through which the Aravalli range is passing. This study is the first of its kind to scientifically establish the impacts of mining on environment and bridge the existing knowledge gap between the facts and the preconceptions of the regulators and the society at large. Methodology included Land Use Land Cover (LULC) change studies over a decade (2000-14) using satellite imageries, in addition to field surveys, extensive primary and secondary data collection.


The study has brought out the ground-truth about mining and other anthropogenic activities in the region. Some of the key findings are highlighted below:


  • It is observed that mining has a very insignificant role in the alleged wanton damage to the ecosystem.
  • Loss in forest cover in the 15 districts is primarily due to its conversion into scrubs and agricultural land; and this phenomenon is observed even in areas devoid of any mining activities.
  • The study has also established that there is no eastward march of the Thar desert and most of the sand dunes have been stabilized over the years.
  • Study of the gap areas in Aravalli range also suggests that there is hardly any apparent signs of Trans-Aravalli sand drifting.
  • The study also brought out the role mining has played in socio-economic development in the Aravalli region.


The study has been well appreciated by the Aravalli Stakeholders group. In addition, SMI has been assisting the mining industry of Rajasthan in the Aravalli hills legal matter in the Hon’ble Supreme Court.