Regulatory Interventions


Regulatory Interventions


At SMI, we believe that regulatory environment - laws and regulations including enforcement thereof – plays an extremely crucial role in determining the performance and behavior of individuals and industry sectors. SMI believes that laws should be rational, implementable, and cost-effective (in the sense that benefits to the society should exceed the cost to the society due to the additional regulation). 

Since a complex regulatory scenario for mining sector runs counter to the objective of promoting sustainable mining practices, SMI therefore advocates for a simpler and rationalized regulatory framework by the Government which will be easier to comply and enforce. SMI makes representations to the Government taking into account the inputs from mining companies, facts, statutory provisions and follows it up. These interventions have received positive response from the Ministries in the form of representations in their Committees and amendments to various regulations, which has been appreciated by the members as well.

SMI-FIMI always strives to positively influence the Indian Policies and Regulations to simplify laws/regulations to promote sustainable mining. We have been involved in many of the court cases with fruitful results. We represent to the Ministry of Mines, MoEF, and Pollution Control Boards etc. on behalf of our members for any regulatory issues affecting them adversely. With negative perceptions prevailing, more laws and stricter enforcements becoming order of the day, made more difficult by judicial pronouncements and active NGOs.

The following regulatory tasks are performed by us:

  • Simplification of procedures to restart mines in Karnataka.
  • Keep approaching State / Central Government to simplify the law for better compliance and enforcement
  • Persuade Governments for a holistic review of all laws applicable to mining industry which leads to merging and simplification of the same
  • Specific regulatory problems of the SMI/FIMI members
  • Challenge specific laws / provisions / orders in appropriate Courts of Law : State level, Central level