SDF & Star Rating Scheme

Implementation of Sustainable Development Framework & Star Rating Scheme

SMI regularly works with the Government of India to create an enabling climate for sustainable mining to thrive in India. SMI has played an integral role in formulating and finalizing the Star Rating Scheme for the Ministry of Mines, along with public consultation and on-ground support to numerous mines to implement the system. This has helped in implementation of Sustainable Development Framework at individual mine level.


Owing to SMI’s contribution in formulating and finalizing the Star Rating Scheme, the Ministry of Mines has particularly recognized SMI’s capacity and appreciated its work. SMI has been part of the Government’s various committees on sustainable mining, including:


  • National Committee on Sustainable Development Framework (SDF) – Roll Out Strategy, constituted by Ministry of Mines
  • Executive Committee constituted by Ministry of Mines to monitor the Star Rating Scheme across India


The Ministry of Mines in consultation with SMI has finalized the Star Rating for minor minerals and requested the States for its proper implementation. SMI has also assisted various mines across India to improve their star rating through its Sustainability Reviews.