Environmental change detection study for mines


FIMI-SMI assists mines to evaluate their environmental impact over a period of time through Environmental Change Detection Study (ECDS).  Objective of this study is to highlight the actual impact of a mine on environment (upto 10km from mine boundary), with the help of satellite imageries and field surveys.


ECDS is an evidence-based scientific study and helps mines to:

  • correlate the environmental impact of the mine on green cover, agriculture, water (ground and surface water), air and noise etc.
  • prioritize critical zones for environmental protection and plan for necessary action
  • highlight the positive impacts in buffer zone and R&R in mined-out areas
  • demonstrate environmental stewardship, especially for obtaining statutory clearances
  • integrate sustainability in its mine planning through remote sensing.


ECDS acts as a report card for past environmental performance of the mine and is especially helpful during expansion of Environmental Clearance (EC) capacity, where the MOEF&CC and EAC are keen to understand the mine’s actual impact on its surroundings (forest / tree cover, agriculture, water, air and noise, etc.). SMI has completed such a study for a large coal mine and assisted it to increase its EC capacity by 50%.