Conference & Workshops

SMI organizes conferences and workshops around the country to promote sustainable mining. The events focus on updating stakeholders about legal requirements & compliance matters in mining projects, sustainable mining practices adopted in different parts of the world, other aspects of sustainable mining stakeholders’ engagement processes, social and environmental issues etc.


SMI events have been receiving active support of the industry and government. SMI organizes theSustainable Mining Summit every year, with an objective to share views and issues of the sector including regulations, technical aspects, etc.

2012: The “Sustainable Mining Summit 2012” was organized in Goa on 13th-14th January, 2012. Theme: Mining for Sustainability- Beyond Compliance.

2013: The “Sustainable Mining Summit 2013” was organized in Goa on 22nd-23rd April, 2013.Theme: Raw Material Security for metal industries and Sustainable Mining.

2014: The “Sustainable Mining Summit 2014” was organized in Goa on 17th-18th July, 2014. Theme: Raw Material Security and Sustainable Mining.

2015: The “Sustainable Mining Summit 2015” was organized in Goa on 17th-18thApril, 2015. Theme: Sustainable Mining for Unlocking Indian Mineral Resource.

2016: The “Sustainable Mining Summit 2016” was organized in Bhubaneswar on 10th-11th May, 2016. Theme: Environmentally sound practices and technologies in the mineral sector.

2017: The “Sustainable Mining Summit 2017” was organized in Goa on 20th – 21st April, 2017. Theme:Sustainability in the changed regulatory economic scenario.

2018: The “Sustainable Mining Summit 2018” was organized in Bhubaneswar on 31st May – 1st June, 2018.Theme:Mining and Sustainable Development Framework.

2019: The “Sustainable Mining Summit 2019” was organized in Bhubaneswar on 11th – 12th April, 2019. Theme:

  • Mining: Global and Regulatory Scenario
  • Sustainability in the changed regulatory economic scenario
  • Sustainable development framework

Mr. Sanjeev Chopra, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Industries, Government of Odisha and Chairman, Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd., Bhubaneswar inaugurated the Summit and addressed the participants.Mr. Sunil Duggal, President, FIMI, delivered the Welcome Address. Mr. Tuhin Mukherjee, Managing Director Essel Mining & Industries Ltd. delivered the keynote address at the summit. Mr. T K Chand, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, NALCO Ltd. was Guest of Honor and also addressed the participants. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Mr. R L Mohanty, Vice-President, FIMI in the Opening Session. Mr. Shantesh Gureddi, Vice-President, FIMI delivered the Valedictory Address. The Summit was attended by more than 135 delegates and 18 Technical Papers were presented during the Summit.

Shri Sunil Duggal, President FIMI,
delivering welcome address
Lighting of lamp by Shri Sanjeev Chopra, Principal Secretary, Department of Industries, Government of India, and Chairman, Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd.
Lighting of lamp by Shri T.K Chand,
Lighting of lamp by Shri Sunil Duggal,
President, FIMI
Vote of Thanks by Shri R.L Mohanty, 
Vice President, FIMI 
Vote of thanks by Shri Shantesh Gureddi,
Vice President, FIMI
Participants at the Sustainable Mining Summit